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I wonder how he likes his irony… rare, medium, or well done.

April 17, 2012
Ted Nugent live in 2007

Ted Nugent live in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MFWIC… he’s not!

Ted Nugent — “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November; again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year”.  Implying a death threat… visa vie terroristic threat.

He also recommends decapitating Democrats: “We need to ride onto that battlefield and chop their heads off in November.”  Again implying threat of death(s)… but more generally this time… a propos mass murder.

He says he is a patriot… and that he loves his country and democracy… then he extols the use of lethal force against those who disagree with him…

Such is the subjective worldview of all fundamentalists… including it would seem many of Teddy’s fans who also seem to revel in his instrumental fantasies of death and dominion.

This means however, that he is neither a patriot nor a champion of democracy… but rather he is a fascist who believes his dogma has more value than [human lives] at least as any reasonable person would define human lives.

On the contrary, in his case the definition of human lives as well as the values attached to them … appear distinguished and demarcated from that of reasonable persons.  Apparently, via some inexplicable machinations intrinsic to the 3-pound chemistry set ostensibly located somewhere between his ears… formally known as his brain… such that he classifies human lives as being limited to… only those who agree with him.

Keeping in mind … [and… we would do well to keep this in mind]… that in order to have his way he would… one gets the impression… gleefully employ methods used by the [Nazis] to inflict his moral totalitarianism on others.

As such, it really is astonishing that his skull does not simply explode from the nearly galactic magnitude of forces such a cognitive dissonance necessitates due to the pressingly divergent natures and propositions concomitant in his ideas… over and above the spatial requirements they would entail.

I wonder how he likes his irony… rare, medium, or well done.

P.S. …  The reality is that there is almost certainly nothing to fear from the likes of Ted.  Like all big talkers… he is appositely all bark… no bite… just another frightened xenophobe fretfully calling others names from inside the walls of his dearth of intellectual capacity… an imperceptible prison from which he has little hope of escape due to  his highly inflated supercilious sense of self.

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