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BBC News – Connecticut votes to abolish the death penalty

April 12, 2012
Paying the death penalty for crime - garroting...

Paying the death penalty for crime - garroting a criminal at Bilibid Prison, Manila, P.I. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No doubt, murder is wrong… but murdering the murders is just as wrong…  [and far more costly] even when we define it as something else… say for instance, legalized execution in the name of retribution.  The nature of the act remains the same… both results in the taking of a life… neither result in reparation, neither result in true justice.  Only the false belief of just deserts or the very [un-Christian like] desire for revenge found in the Old-Testament… not the New one… where righteousness is based on compassion, forgiveness and serving others, not controlling and punishing them.  Murders must and ought to be penalized but not at the cost of doing further harm to society as a whole and especially not to satisfy a cold-blooded desire for vengeance.

The base nature of such urges is what results in the crime to begin with… following one bad act with another is well… just cruel and stupid.

BBC News – Connecticut votes to abolish the death penalty.

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