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It’s the 60’s all over again….Officials say “massive” Occupy Oakland demonstration diverted police resources, stymieing Police Department’s crime-fighting efforts.

January 30, 2012

New rules, but it's the same old game...


“Oakland officials said the massive Occupy Oakland demonstration on Saturday diverted police resources from calls elsewhere in the city, stymieing the Police Department‘s crime-fighting efforts.”

I didn’t know that’s how you spell “stymieing”…

Really, the massive demonstration hampered the police’s ability to fight crime? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

In the 60’s the “Officials and Authorities” would peddle the same tripe in their attempts to vilify those protesting for change…. and guess what?   Nothing’s changed since then.  It’s the same ol song and dance.  The powers that be make false accusations and cast aspersions toward the demonstrators hoping to demoralize them, sway public opinion, and divert attention from the real issues.  Unfortunately a good deal of the public will swallow this swill and some will even ask for seconds.

Why is it a celebration of democracy when they demonstrate in the Mid-East but here in the U.S.A. it’s un-patriotic and a danger to the community?

The answer: because the powers that be want to remain just that…. the powers that be.

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