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Re: the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords – and the killing of six others…

December 4, 2011

I'm right, you're wrong...

Mr. WntsLtsofBooby; a conservative columnist for the – “I am infallible so don’t make me hit you again journal” writes that – “the liberal establishment rushed to judgment and condemned the Tea Party for the shooting.”

Mr. WntsLtsofBooby went on: “As it turns out the assassin Jared Loughner was an apolitical radical who would fit in well with the OccupyWall Street movement”.

Later in an interview when asked why he thought this Mr. WntsLtsofBooby responded: “Well because I said so you got that! … And no more “Got-Ya” questions from the peanut gallery… I mean you reporters! Oh and never mind about that freedom of speech and press stuff in the Constitution they really didn’t mean those parts about … ahhh … you know… having an informed citizenry and public oversight and all that.”

More from his article: “I heard on “Fox We Know Everything news” that he – (Loughner) was heavily influenced by a movie called ‘Zeitgeist’ which had three central points: One- that Religion in general and Christianity in particular were systems of social control… Two- that 9/11 was an inside job by the US government… and Three- that the International Bankers control everyone’s money and the future … and that’s exactly what those protesters believe too.”
Asked how he knew what the protesters believe Mr. WntsLtsofBooby said: “I just do god-damn it. Anybody that protests against America is immoral so they would have to believe some pretty wacky stuff.”

Now there’s a twist – an observationally biased dogmatic conservative politician callously using the tragic deaths, pain and suffering of others to malign a group of people he doesn’t agree with to further his own agenda. What a shocker … priceless. …

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