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Dallas Cowboys cheerleader forced to delete Twitter account: And boy-howdy is she pissed!

December 4, 2011

It's just not right...

The Dallas Cowboys recieved a five yard public relations penalty for forcing cheerleader Melissa Kellerman to delete her Twitter account after she let fans know she was not hurt by a tackle from tight end Jason W-hit-ten.
“I’ve been hit harder by my boy-friend.” Melissa said; “Really I was just glad Jason was ok, afterwards… he had to go to the locker room and they said he was crying because some of the other cheerleaders said; Jason hits like a girl, or was it Jason hits girls, I get confused a lot.” “Anyway now they want me to stop Twittering which is really sad because spelling doesn’t matter on Twitter, and I like that a lot.”


Really and what do you think?

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